How to Increase Foot Traffic with Social Media

Foot traffic is the movement, presence and availability of people walking around in a particular area, space or region. Foot traffic is of prominent importance to business especially retail establishments, as more foot traffic can lead to more sales.

In short, it is term used to describe pedestrian to commercial site and business. There are different strategies used to increase foot traffic which includes promotional events like sales, offers, special deals and other grand openings.

But these days, paradigm has been shifted to social media in a great extent as everything is internet based. So foot traffic can now increase in many ways through internet and social media. So let us discuss ways by which foot traffic can be increased using social media.

Ways to increase foot traffic with social media

Internet and E-Commerce, while creating much easiness for buyers to make shopping from their home, has also produced huge problem for sellers for selling opportunities for physical stores. For example instead of going to physical stores, people now shop from eBay or amazon and get their product delivered at home.


As shopping has been altered in digital, getting people in the door is still crucial for business success. But there still exist number of ways by which you can have foot traffic using the same digital age or social media

The first important thing is to think in a smart and intelligent way.

One must have unique selling points. There must be something which grab tension of others towards you. So you have to perfectly design an advertisement which clearly demonstrates the personality of your brand, other than this, it should be persuasive.

Here common thing is to identify and realize who your audience are and what they do to drive foot traffic through advertising and using a store locator. Once you came to know these common points, you can have its effectiveness started.


Stepping out is also necessary step. If you want people to come to you, often you have to visit them and think about taking a stand or passing illustrations in public areas where your market likely to assembles.

Appearance matters!

According to research more than 30% has been observed if there is increase in interest of consumer if packaging has catchy look or strong attention given to it. So your social media platform should be extra ordinary and consist of each and every information customer can require.

It should be very responsive and in order to make it responsive you have to communicate frequently with your clients or customers.

Hosting an event…

…for free for customers is also an indicator which makes them feel that you care for them. It is also best way to divert others towards you. And nowadays you can have webinars to host events.

Always offer something special for foot traffic or your retail visit. In addition to this, make everything clear described to your customer which also includes you outlet address etc.

At last but not least, always differentiate yourself from the competition is necessary for your victory. Internet is all about making you unique. Redraft your posts continuously to regulate what pulls the most customer in your store. 

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